Everyday Cakes

The everyday range of cakes are two layers high with delicious flavour combinations. Add some flowers and you’ve got an easy, beautiful celebration cake. If you want something more custom check out the Party Cakes page. All flavours available in mini cake sizes as well. Scroll to the bottom here to see some examples of decorated everyday cakes.


Sizes and prices:

(serving size is a wedge of cake)

8 slices = $50

12 slices = $70

20 slices = $100

  • Add a few flowers + $5

  • Add lots of flowers + $15

  • Add candles + $1 each (choose rainbow, gold, silver, black)

  • Acrylic topper - POA

  • Make gluten or dairy free + $5 (depending on size)

RJSA Chocolate raspberry cake

dark chocolate + raspberry

Rich dark chocolate cake with dark chocolate ganache, raspberry chia compote and freeze-dried raspberries.

RJSA sticky date salted caramel cake

sticky date + salted caramel

Sticky date cake with salted caramel buttercream and drizzled with salted caramel.

RJSA Persian love cake

persian love cake

A fragrant cake featuring cardamom, pistachios, and ground almonds. Iced with rosewater buttercream, pistachios, raspberries, rose petals and Turkish delight.

RJSA Chocolate caramel cake

dark chocolate + salted caramel

Rich dark chocolate cake with salted caramel buttercream, salted caramel drizzle and dark choc chunks.

RJSA Lemon berry cake

lemon + berry

Moist lemon syrup cake with berries, lemon curd and vanilla bean buttercream.

RJSA banana maple caramel cake

banana + maple + caramel

Banana cake with maple buttercream and salted caramel drizzle. (Or banana nutella is more your thing we can do that!)

RJSA Lemon elderflower strawberry cake

elderflower + lemon

Elderflower lemon syrup cake with elderflower infused buttercream, lemon curd drizzle and strawberries.

RJSA peach passionfruit cake

passionfruit + peach

Vanilla peach cake with vanilla bean buttercream, passionfruit curd, freeze-dried peaches and white chocolate.

RJSA Plum pistachio chocolate cake

plum + dark chocolate

Vanilla almond cake with plums and dark chocolate chunks. Iced with dark chocolate ganache, freeze-dried plums and pistachios.

Vanilla apricot honey cake

vanilla bean + apricot + honey

Vanilla apricot cake soaked in J Friend & Co honey syrup with vanilla bean buttercream, freeze-dried apricots and a touch of rosemary.

RJSA Heart flower cake

floral heart

All of the above flavours can be made as a two layer heart shape with floral decoration.


Examples of decorated everyday cakes: